Zion (from Zion National Park)

I went hiking by myself in Zion Canyon.  I was camping a lot and pretty grungy so I did not feel comfortable going to the Costcos around there and getting pictures. After hiking I was just lying on this rock looking up at a waterfall.  Everybody else left as it was getting dark.  I laid there a while more enjoying the view.  When I got up to leave I noticed that someone had left a roll of undeveloped film right next to me.  I wish I knew who those people are because these are the best paintings yet.  They are painted really thick with oil on unprimed canvas.  These canvases are all 60"x40".

bluehat bluehatdetail bluehatdistant bluehatdistantsideview
handonhip handonhipdeatail backpack backpackdetail
sushi sushidetail urinating urinatingdetail
motherson mothersondetail