This roll has the best story yet.  I used to work at the Seattle Art Museum with fellow guard, Nick Brown.   Years ago Nick had his car parked on Capitol Hill during the day. When he came back he found an exposed  roll of film on his drivers seat.  Around the film was a lawyer’s  business card which read:  “Associated Counsel for the Accused”.  Nick kept the film undeveloped for many years before giving it to me.  When I developed the roll I found lots of party scenes with very high people, gang signs, and a pit bull.  I suspect the film was dropped on Nick’s seat by someone breaking into his car to steal things.  This series is in progress.  These are all 48"x72" and are acrylic, oil, wax, ink, reflective spheres, and urethane on canvas.

pitbull two men party man
dancing man sign man dancing
pitbull portrait couple dancing