These are pictures from a disposable camera someone found in the bushes in front of a Seattle house. They turned out to be random shots by kids on a road trip. Many of the shots were taken inside the cab of a pickup truck. They look out the cracked front windsheild framed by the passengers. The kids were just rolling around in the back of the truck trying to shoot snippets of the passing scenery, but getting mostly truck and window. These made great compositions to paint from. It is funny how random shots can be better than carefull ones. The paintings of this roll went through many evolutions. For about 6 months I tried to paint on sheer window curtains and hang layers of them over windows. Then I found this very transparent scrim used in the theater and stretched it over traditional stretcher bars. I used graphite to darken the areas where the truck obscures the window. For the light areas outside the window I painted on white canvas 3 inches behind the screen.


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