JEMA (a portable museum)

A friend in Florida, Sean Miller, built this Museum in a box.  He asked me to make a show for it.  JEMA is the name of the museum.  This work was different as  I ignored the composition in the photos and just picked out the faces.  They became more sculptural.  Someone who worked at a photo development chain gave me a huge garbage bag full of negatives that people never picked up.  This was lucky since I can't get pictures from Costco anymore.  The process is less random now because I can pick and choose from thousands of pictures.  Also I am not using the photographer's composition.  For some reason these things that were so important to me don't really seem to matter anymore.

The last -picture is from our reception for the show which we held in the parking lot at Costco.  It was fun until the manager came out and told us to leave.  This is the show that the "Interview"blog entry is from. 


jema1 jema2 jema3
jema4 jemadetail jema_reception